After designing and building their own tiny house RV back in 2011, Brian and Joni Buzarde then founded Land Ark. This DIY prototype named Woody has served as a home as well as a continuous beta test to fine-tune Land Ark’s professionally built models.

Our Story

Our adventure started back in 2011 when we began building our personal home on wheels. With the exterior clad in cedar, we named our home “Woody.” We lived in Woody in multiple states and situations, and experienced all the highs and lows you might expect would accompany a first DIY effort. As the guinea pigs, we learned a lot.

Our next chapter started in 2017 when we started building the first Land Ark tiny home RVs, Drake and Draper. Although, this time we let the pros handle construction. Like Woody, these made a splash. Since then, we’ve built dozens of arks. From coast to coast and north to Canada, Land Arks occupy some amazing sites. We’re very proud of what we produced, and we’re grateful for both the customers and the team members who made them possible.

For the last few years we felt a new call to adventure, so we began to draw out the map for our next chapter.

From its inception, Land Ark has stemmed from our personal wants and interests…and what we want out of a Land Ark has evolved. At a high level, we want something that’s easier to tow, has robust off-grid systems, and more functional in more situations. We want to travel, to show our children places and discover others together. We want something that looks and works amazingly at our mountain property, the beach or in the backyard. We want the ability to travel rough roads, setup next to a creek and enjoy for weeks with no hookups. We want something that collects rainwater and we never want to deal with sewage. We want multiple options for sitting, working, sleeping. We also want to up the luxe factor and focus even more intensely on the details. We want to sit on the deck and gaze at the stars. We want all of this in something that looks like a Land Ark. So, that’s what we designed.

The core idea of the ark, a personal haven that travels with you, is more appealing than ever.

– Brian & Joni Buzarde, Founders

Next Generation

Focusing on 2 Travel-Ready RV Models

The call to adventure kicks off a new chapter in the Land Ark story. We’re taking our expertise in building custom tiny home RVs for the past 13 years and launching 2 new RV models that merge our refined aesthetic & uncompromising quality with enhanced mobility, off-grid functionality and clever use of multi-functional spaces.

Focusing on 2 RV models allows us to up the luxe factor and intensely hone in on the details that define our brand.

The new Land Ark™ Travel Trailer was released in 2024. Stay tuned for the release of the new Land Ark™ 5th Wheel – designed to sleep up to 8 with multiple configurations.