Yes. Land Ark RV is a certified RV manufacturer and our models are considered certified RVs by the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). Being RVIA-certified means we adhere to over 500 safety codes and are open to random inspections from RVIA to ensure we remain code compliant. This certification allows the purchaser to qualify for traditional financing through their preferred lender or credit union.

Yes. Land Ark RV is a RVIA-certified company, so our models qualify for traditional vehicle financing from your preferred lender or credit union.

We are now taking orders for new builds. Lead times are currently 3-4 months. We require a 25% deposit to secure your spot in the production line and begin building. Subsequent payments may be paid in installments with the remaining balance due just before pickup or delivery.

On occasion, we may have models available that are completed and ready for immediate purchase. These will be listed on our website under ‘For Sale’ or you can contact us to inquire.

On occasion, we may have Land Ark RV models available to tour at our headquarters in Buena Vista, CO. Buena Vista is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in the Upper Arkansas River Valley. It’s a 2 hour drive southwest from Denver. Contact us to inquire about a tour. To ensure we have a qualified team member available to answer all of your questions, tours are by appointment only.

If you’re unable to tour it in person, take a virtual tour.

Land Arks are technically RVs. They are the same size as RVs, are towable without a special permit and held to the same code standards in order for us to be RVIA certified, so that our customers may obtain financing and insurance. That’s pretty much where the similarities end. We design and build the units to function as high quality homes and handle everything our mountain climate can throw at them. These are insulated better than most houses and engineered to handle ski resort snow loads. Because our models are designed to live like a high-design home that can be towed rather than an aerodynamic traveling box for a weekend getaway, we prioritize quality materials where style and function are not compromised. Land Arks live efficiently and enjoyably without scrimping on windows, materials, appliances, etc.

Yes. We’re certainly open to discussing the specific needs for your site and will work with you on the pricing for multiple units on a case by case basis. Please contact us for more information.

Where you can park and live in a Land Ark or any tiny house RV is determined by local city, county and state zoning regulations and building codes. The American Tiny House Association updates regulation data regularly by state and is a good starting point for gathering information. Alternatively, Land Ark RV models may be parked at any RV park pending availability. Models include the necessary utility inlets and outlets for RV park living.

Have other questions? Send us a message.